Terms of use of information provided in INBio´s website

General Policy

The information provided in INBio´s database belongs to The National Biodiversity Institute (INBio). We do consider, though, that its´use can help achieve a greater assessment of our biodiversity, and help with the decision-making concerning its´sustainable use. Consequently, INBio provides access and allows its´ free use to all public, just as long as it isn´t used for any commercial purpose, and the entities that use it clearly indicate the intelectual property rights of INBio. It is assumed that users that consult INBio´s database in the web accept all terms of use that are specified below.

1. Acknowledgements: Every user of the information must mention in his/her acknowlegments and bibliography the sources of the data, that is, he/she must indicate the name of the information system used, the name INBio, and the date of the query, for example: Source : Atta, INBio´s information system, July 14th 2001. This acknowledgement must be done in every subsequent use of these data. Every photograph, illustration and map taken from INBio´s website must be accompanied by INBio´s logo and the author´s name.

2. Commercial use of the information: Every user agrees not to use the obtained information for commercial uses. If the intention is to use the information for commercial uses, then he/she must contact otus@inbio.ac.cr . Examples of commercial uses are, but are not limited to: digital or printed publications, incorporation of the information to other databases, etc. Examples of non-commercial uses are: School homework, academic investigations in high schools and colleges, school material prepared by educators.

3. Ethical use of the information: Every user agrees not to use the obtained information to the detriment of biodiversity conservation (for example illegal traffic of species), nor in processes that would irreversibly alter the ecological equilibrium (for example undiscriminated extraction or the introduction of exotic species).

4. Responsibility: INBio keeps high quality standards in the biodiversity inventory process it conducts. There exists, though, no responsibility on INBio´s behalf nor its´scientists about the accuracy of the data, or of the use the data is given.

The persons who do not respect the terms of use above mentioned will be turned over to the corresponding authorities. Hereby, the reproduction, edition, addition or total or partial reduction of INBio´s database information (that do not comply to the terms above mentioned) are strictly prohibited.


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