You can make a difference! You can improve the quality of life of today’s world population, as well as ensure a safe and healthy future for coming generations, by investing in education, scientific research, conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

In recent decades human beings have made unprecedented changes in ecosystems to satisfy our needs for social and economic growth, which has contributed on the one hand to improve the quality of life of millions of people. But on the other hand, they have substantially weakened nature’s capacity to provide for us the basic services which all living things that inhabit the planet depend on.

We are losing biological diversity at accelerated rates. The Earth is very close to reaching the critical point when the damage will be irreversible. Without biodiversity we will not be able to reduce poverty, hunger and disease. Biodiversity is also an essential element in our identities and our cultures. Biological richness is essential for our daily subsistence and for economic development.

Carrying out more ample research in biodiversity will enrich our current knowledge and will result in discovery of new species, new substances and agricultural practices. The transfer of new knowledge both locally and internationally, will promote the protection and conservation of biodiversity, besides ensuring that each citizen of the world values it.

We must act now. It is everyone’s responsibility to play a part and help; what is at stake is our safety and quality of life, and that of our children and grandchildren.