Services Provided

Sample Procedure

The simple procedure handles sample and information acquisition, transformation and transfer to other processes.  All activities here take place under strict quality regulations required by all bio-prospecting research projects.

One of the most important aspects of this process lays on its close relation to the Conservation Areas, since most samples are collected in these areas, and to do so, a special in situ or ex situ access permit is necessary for al developing projects.  Once the permit is obtained, the trip is defined amongst the research coordinators of the protected areas involved.

obtencion muestra

permiso acceso

 Sample Procedure and Access Permits


Some of the services that we offer related to development and negotiation are:

  • Assesment about experience on natural products negotiation and the legal implications (Access and benefit distribution
  • Proposal development in health, agro-industries and bio-energy.



Bio technology

There are many biotechnological tools used in the labs to experiment, evaluate and formulate projects related to defferent organism groups, making the most of Costa Rica’s biodiversity.

The proper equipment for isolation, purification, preservation and molecular studies of microorganisms from estreme or uninvestigated sources, as well as the establishment of fermentation protocols for the search and screening of secondary metabolites and/or enzymes used in areas such as: health, energy and agroindustries.

Service offered in the biotechnology area are:

  • isolation, purification, preservation and molecular studies of micro and macroorganisms
  • Toxicity biotests (Artemiasalina)
  • Antimicrobian Tests






The chemical process has the infrastructure and tools necesary to create and standarize extracts, isolate natural products with a chemical screening and biotest, as well as the identification and structural clarification of obtained compounds.

Liquid chromatography equipment for large quantities of estracts is also part of the working tools of this unit.  The equipment is totally automatic and allows the separation of treated estracts obtained from several sources in a very quick, efficient and traceable.  As a result, fractions and compounds with higher purity are obtained.

The services offered in the Chemical are are:

  • Extract preparation and lyophilization
  • Natural Extractions and estandarization protocol development
  • Phytochemical medicinal plant description
  • Chromatographyc Analysis training in natural products
  • RMN Analysis
  • Analysis methods thru HPLC
  • Organic compounds isolation, analysis and description