INBio is a specialized institution in the knowledge and sustainable use of biodiversity, which answers in every manner the issues raised in international documents such as the Global Biodiversity Strategy and the Convention on Biological Diversity United Nations. INBio has a team of researchers, duly proven protocols and methodologies for developing different studies of biodiversity and its sustainable use, making their expertise available to the national and international community through technical advice appropriate to the needs and interests of each institution or person concerned.

As an independent organization, and thanks to scientific and technological capacity, INBio can offer its customers integrated solutions and generate them new options for those seeking value positively affect the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

The Consulting Unit was founded in 2007 to create opportunities for improvement and development of products to its customers, as another way in which the institution helps to show society the value of biodiversity. Thus, we focused on complementing the capabilities of public and private sector, both in Costa Rica and other countries to achieve the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

We have proudly developed a large portfolio of projects and strategies through partnerships with local, national and international companies, thinking on the use of natural capital and the use of knowledge of biodiversity for the successful completion of their projects, which we reduced the environmental impact of projects and diversification of products based on the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

As consultants we believe that the best way to solve the today’s challenges is to share our knowledge, experience and initiatives, and then built together a society environmentally responsible, base on sustainable ideas and projects.

This is our passion, our motivation to work every day, our main goal and promise to our customers: we work towards a sustainable future.