Isolation, Purification and Molecular Identification of Microorganisms

(Molecular Taxonomy)


Isolation and purification of microorganisms (fungi and bacteria) from environmental samples, both marine and terrestrial.

Genomic DNA isolation for identification by molecular taxonomy


Preparation of research proposals


We offer logistic support and scientific advice to foreign researchers interested in conducting collaborative research projects in Costa Rica. This service includes:

  • Guided visits to field sites of interest

  • Legal advice to comply with the Costa Rican Biodiversity Law

  • Logistic support for obtaining all required research permits from the Costa Rican government

  • Scientific advice in experimental design, sample collection and transport, data analysis, etc

  • Support in all tasks related to proposal preparation and submission

  • For an additional fee, we can help researchers obtain preliminary data to support collaborative grant applications.


Collection of Microorganisms

(Culture collection)


The Bioprospecting Unit has a valuable collection of approximately 16,000 microorganisms which represents a wide biodiversity of Costa Rica. They have been collected from different ecosystems of the country.

These strains are an important source of raw material for the research and development of natural products for different applications.



Research and Genetic Resources Access Permits

In accordance with the following laws of Costa Rica: Wild Life Law and Biodiversity Law

Advice on procedures for management

Wild life research permits at the National Conservation Areas (SINAC):

  • Registration in the national register of scientific research
  • Scientific research export permits
  • Passports permit application

Genetic Resources Access permits at the Technical Office of the National Commission for Biodiversity Management (CONAGEBIO) in case of access to the elements biochemical and genetic resources of biodiversity:

  • Registration in the register of interested parties
  • Access request
  • Formulation and management of ther prior informed consent agreement

(PIC´S) between providers and stakeholders.

Biological Assays


We design and implement biological assays to guide towards the potential use of microorganisms and natural extracts in different fields such as health, bioenergy and agro-business.

Antibiotic activity (fungi and bacterias)
Agar diffusion: which assesses the susceptibility of microorganisms to a variety of antimicrobial agents.

Bioautography methods: combines Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) and detection of antimicrobial activity for the chemical isolation of active substances in complex mixtures.

Toxicity assays
We implemented Artemia salina as a model to quantify the cytotoxic activity of interesting substances.