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This unit’s main goal is to generate knowledge about the biological diversity of fungi, plants, insect and arachnids in Costa Rica, a diversity estimated of over 437,000 species (60,000 fungi, 12,000 plants, 365,000 insects and arachnids)

This knowledge will help give assessment in its perpetual conservation by integrating this knowledge to the country’s sustainable development.

This way, we hope to collaborate on the society’s urgent needs regarding health, food,  education, tourism, culture, environmental sustainability, agricultural forestry and industrial production, and climate change mitigation.

An important part of this unit is also to develop the biological collections to support the national biodiversity inventory, which is being developed in INBio since it’s beginning in 1989, in close collaboration with the Environment and Energy Ministry (MINAE) and the Conservation Area National System (SINAC) all over the country and with the help and support of many people, institutions and governments: parataxonomists, technicians, national and foreign experts, volunteers, students, museums, research centers, universities, international organisms, development agencies and foundations.


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