Sustainable Use


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INBio has generated knowledge about organisms’ sustainable use for food and health.

Since 2002, the fungi unit has ventured in the research and cultivation of eatable and medicinal fungi species, both from commercial and wild origins aiming to provide its public diverse courses, assessments and training in the field.  Nowadays INBio has a specialized laboratory in fungi cultivation research, where a commercial inoculums is produced to sell to national and foreign producers, as well as other elements to implement in its consumption and cultivation.

In the plant groups, information of over 800 species has been gathered to find their nutritionous value and use them as food in different areas of the country.


As far as insects, several interesting proposals have been developed to use the current knowledge of them.  For example, we are currently developing information and experience about potential eatable native species for human consumption, but also to supplement the farm animals’ diet (chicken, fish) and promote sustentability.

Arthropodes have also been studied for medical support, for example the development of intoxication cures with spider and scorpion’s venom to answer related national and regional problem.  Furthermore, supporting biodiversity through nature conservancy manuals is another way INBio contributes, for example with its “Manual for butterfly houses/pavilions management.”




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