New product development has been accomplished thanks to joint research between the National Institute of Biodiversity (INBio) and both, national and international companies, having successful results integrating biodiversity in effective solutions for real problems.

Some examples of these successful products are:




The collaboration began in 1995, when the company still ran under the name: Recombinant Biocatalysis, but in 1998, it renovated itself into: DIVERSA S.A.

In June 2007, DIVERSA Corp. the world leader in enzyme technology and CELUNOL, leader in cellulosic ethanol, merged to create Verenium , the new cellulosic bio-fuel leader industry.


As a result of the years working together, an enzyme was discovered through collected samples at the bottom of the Arenal Volcano, which aids in the pollution removal of the cotton industrialization process, a product known as “Cottonase”.  Furthermore, a marine sample from the Conservation Area Amistad-Caribbean presented a fluorescent protein that is now used in industry testing.



This program started as a joint effort between INBio and the Inter-american Development Bank (BID), through a non-reimbursable technical cooperation from the Multilateral Investment Fund (FOMIN), aiming to promote the small industries through the sustainable use of biodiversity.

INBio managed to share its knowledge about Costa Rican biodiversity and its experience with big pharmaceutical and biotechnological businesses in developing research, both in technical and negotiation aspects.


Bennefited Companies: 

Agrobiot S.A.                             Bouganvillea S.A                      Industrias El Caraito S.A                  Follajes Ticos    

                              Compañía Agricola La Gavilana Ltda.                            Laboratorios Lisan S.A