Informatics’ Development


The informatics development unit is in charge, as its name explains, of the development, execution and proper adjustment of all informatics and communication technologies that support the biodiversity’s research and conservation works done by INBio and other institutions with similar goals and needs


An important part of this unit’s job is amid the research and knowledge area, better known as Informatics for Biodiversity, which applies informatics and other sciences such as: taxonomy, biogeography and ecology to the digitalization, visualization and analysis of biodiversity data contained in institutions such as, for example, herbariums, natural history museums, as well as climate and environmental data available in remote detectors and other tools in remote sensing.

Some of the tasks performed by this unit are:

  • Information System development to manage different monitoring and inventory development.
  • Internet applications development to search and visualize information about species, specimens and observations.
  • Creation of species distribution models based on bioclimatic variables and settings.
  • Biodiversity’s digital data integration and treatment based on internationally accepted protocols and standards.
  • Training in several biodiversity’s informatics topics.

This unit is strongly supported by free software tools, as well as initiatives and agreements that promote a free access to all biodiversity data, so that they are available both for scientists and regular citizens.


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