INBioparque plants tree number 4.615.518

noticia siembra árbol  4.615.518

As part of the program: “A tree per inhabitant”, on June 28th, we will be planting tree number 4,615,518 at INBioparque, a number that coincides with the number of inhabitants in Costa Rica, and such initiative is made as an environmental service payment from agroforestry systems.


The event will take place due to an agreement between FONAFIFO and MINAET, which establishes a quota to the agricultural and farming systems, including planting native trees and alternating them with the crops and/or pasture.


Furthermore, this agreement aims to recover forestall species with a scarce population, and contributing to the biodiversity related to them, as well as threatened tree species and those in danger of extinction.


We kindly invite you to be part of this initiative that will hopefully give our planet a small sigh of relief.