Dr. Rodrigo Gámez will receive the Pax Natura Award 2012


The Pax Natura Foundation is based on the belief that the right to life, freedom and the search of happiness is not only an abstract idea, but actually supposes sustainability. They have dedicated their work to reconcile the negative effects of human activity with our natural resources and biodiversity.

 As a part of their projection labor, they have created the Pax Natura Award, by which they hope to acknowledge people whose work and life path has lead them into being an example of the highest ideals of “Peace with nature”. Through this award, Pax Natura, is looking to attract both national and international attention to these individuals, whose vision and efforts have helped diminish the gap between the human community and the natural world.

Amongst the previous award holders are: Dr. Jane Goodwall, internationally recognized for her important work in conservation programs to improve the conditions in which chimpanzees live and Dr. Oscar Arias, former president of Costa Rica, recognized for promoting peace and because of his philanthropic path in life, along with other important figures in this field.

The ceremony will take place on July 3rd in San José, Costa Rica.