INBio´s President will receive International Prize for Contribution to Biodiversity Conservation

  • "The MIDORI Prize for Biodiversity" is an international award that recognizes outstanding contributions to environmental conservation
  • Dr. Rodrigo Gámez was awarded for over 50 years of research and contribution to Biodiversity Conservation in Costa Rica

don-rodrigoHeredia: The Midori Prize for Biodiversity will be awarded to the President of Costa Rica´s National Biodiversity Institute (INBio), Dr. Rodrigo Gámez Lobo, for his restless efforts and important contributions towards biodiversity conservation in the country.

This important recognition established by AEON Environmental Foundation in 2010, is a biennial international prize to honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity at the global, regional or local level.

Among the main reasons for the election of Dr. Gámez there are: the creation of a unique institute worldwide level for its important work in pursuit of the country's biodiversity knowledge, INBio, which to date and under the guidance of Dr. Gámez, has described about 3,700 species new to science, has identified 95% of the country's flora, and also, has shared all the information generated, free of charge, through an informatics platform with the world, among many other achievements.

Furthermore, Dr. Gámez says "this award shouldn´t be a recognition to myself, but for the country, it is like the case of the athletes in the Olympics, when they are rewarded for the merit of winning, the world's eyes are set on the flag they proudly lift representing their countries of origin. It is the same case for Costa Rica with this recognition, that I consider honors the country".

This important prize will be presented at an awarding ceremony to be held in Hyderabad, India, in October 2012, during the eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 11). After the ceremony, the winners will be invited to give lectures at the Winners' Forum in Tokyo.

The word Midori, which translates from Japanese as "green" evokes the image of the trees and plants representing the environment.