Organizational Structure

INBio’s organization is structured as follows:

  • A political level, composed by the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.
  • A strategic leadership level, that is conducted by the Directorate composed by an executive director and four thematic directors, whom are supported by three managers (Operations, Human Resources, and Financial-Administrative).
  • An operating level, made up of the Strategic Action Units (SAU) that are in charge of the execution of technical processes.
  • The institution is supported by a Services Center, which operates along all the processes in order to facilitate the administrative and financial issues.

Currently there are twelve Strategic Action Units, conducted by institutional leaders. Three of these units (INBioparque, Editorial and Bioprospecting) are lead by managers, which have to conduct not only technical but business processes. The structure allows also the creation of temporary units to carry out specific projects in a specific time frame.


Fachada de INBio


Board of Directors:

President Dr. Rodrigo Gámez Lobo
Vice-President Dr. Gabriel Macaya Trejos
Secretary Sra. Carol Bregstein Vorst
Treasurer Lic. Carlos Fischel Mora
Vocal I Dra. Claudia Charpentier Esquivel
Vocal II Dr. Pedro León Azofeifa
Vocal III Licda. Nydia Rodríguez Ramsbotton
Fiscal M.Sc. José A. Masís Bermúdez


INBio's Active and Honorary Members of  the General Associate Assembly - (May, 2013)

       Active Associates
1 Alberto Dent Zeledón
2 Alejandra León Castellá
3 Álvaro Umaña Quesada
4 Bary Roberts Strachan
5 Carlos Fischel Mora
6 Carlos Ml. Rodríguez Echandi
7 Carlos Murillo Rodríguez
8 Carlos Roesch Carranza
9 Carlos Valerio Gutiérrez
10 Carol Bregstein de Zamora
11 Cecilia Lizano Madrigal
12 Claudia Charpentier Esquivel
13 Clotilde Fonseca Quesada
14 Danilo Elizondo Cerdas
15 Edna Camacho Mejía
16 Eduardo Alonso Guzmán
17 Eduardo Lizano Fait
18 Emilia Amado Ramírez
19 Gabriel Macaya Trejos
20 Gabriela Llobet Yglesias
21 Giselle Reuben Hatounian
22 Guillermo Alonso Guzmán
23 Guy de Téramond Peralta
24 Hans van der Willen
25 José Andrés Masís Bermúdez
26 José Joaquín Campos Arce
27 Leyla Solano Pacheco
28 Luis Fernando Arias Molina
29 Luis Javier Castro Lachner
30 Luko Hilje Quirós
31 Margarita Herdocia Mantica
32 María Isabel Di Mare Hering
33 Mario Socatelli Porras
34 Mauricio Ventura Aragón
35 Nydia Rodríguez Ramsbottom
36 Oscar Arias Moreira
37 Oscar Castro Castillo
38 Pedro León Azofeifa
39 Ricardo Soto Soto
40 Roberto Artavia Loría
41 Roberto Villalobos Ardón
42 Rodrigo Gámez Lobo
43 Rodrigo Zeledón Araya
44 Sandra León Coto
45 Sergio Salas Durán
       Honorary Associate
46 Gerardo Budowski
47 Jorge León Arguedas
48 María Eugenia Dengo Obregón


Institutional Strategic Management

  • Randall García Víquez
  • Alonso Matamoros Delgago
  • Cynthyia Cordero Solis
  • María Auxiliadora Mora Cross
  • Natalia Zamora Bregstein


Working Units

INBio has several methods, procedures and channels through which it aims to honour its three main columns: to Know, Use and Save biodiversity.

Based on this, the organization requires several work units that although each covers a very specific field, they all complement each other, since they all pursue the same objectives and stand behind the same care values.

We kindly invite you to read a little more about each of these working units.


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