INBio’s Bioprospecting Unit Works in the systematic search of new chemical compunds, genes, proteins, microorganisms and other valuable natural products within biodiversity, for their potential use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agricultural, biotechonolgy and other industries, with a potential economical value.



We are commited with the improvement of the human being’s life quality by promoting a greater conscience about the value of biodiversity and its conservation.  We are determined to do our best effort in achieving our goals, through the following principles:

Productivity: We plan our work and perform it with precission, efficency, flexibility and versatility.

Creativity and Innovation: Each of our activities is a challenge that we try to solve cleverly.

Teamwork: We rise our strengths through solidarity and coordination in a trusty athmosphere.

Environmental Commitment: We have a committed attitude towards the environment, including the rational use of resources.

Business Perspective: Our clients’ necessities are met in a sustainable and profitable way.

Professional Commitment: We prove in our work the promising results of an enduring learning attitude.