National Strategy for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity


As a result of the planning work undertaken in the Conservation Areas and consultations with experts in specific fields, 13 strategic issues were identified. For each one of these, policies, strategies and the necessary actions were defined, together with those responsible and the relevant actors. These actions were prioritized in the form of project profiles in the final phase of the national consultation and are presented below as priority actions for each strategic issue.

1. Strengthen the mechanisms required for the PREVENTION AND MITIGATION OF THE ADVERSE IMPACT of productive activities on biodiversity, and the integration of different social actors.



Priority activities

  • Adapt and enhance the capacity of institutions and communities in the prevention and mitigation of the impact of production activities.













  • Internalize the concept of environmental impact evaluation within the state apparatus, as part of the environmental responsibility of different sectors.
  • Update guidelines for the correct application of environmental impact evaluations and monitoring.
  • Strengthen capacity at national and regional level to process, resolve and follow up on environmental impact evaluations.
  • Strengthen actions of protection and control undertaken by SINAC with the support of other organizations, both at terrestrial and marine levels.
  • Establish systems to assess environmental damage.
  • Involve civil society in the process of environmental impact studies in the Conservation Areas.
  • Estimate and classify the impact of production activities. 
  • Review and modify legislation on environmental impact. 
  • Training on environmental impact.