National Strategy for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity


7. Consolidate national efforts directed at IN SITU CONSERVATION.



Priority activities

  • Consolidate the existing protected wildlife areas.
  • Develop management strategies for protected wildlife areas based on conservation and sustainable use objectives.
  • Strengthen civil society’s participation and joint responsibility in conservation projects.













  • Strengthen technical capacity to ensure the effective management of biodiversity in protected wildlife areas.
  • Develop financial opportunities for the management of protected wildlife areas.
  • Implement proposals on land use for conservation purposes (GRUAS Project).
  • Strengthen planning initiatives in protected wildlife areas in order to identify opportunities to complement protection efforts or generate economic benefits for their management and for local communities.
  • Establish active management programs for the conservation of species that require this approach.
  • Promote the creation and development of private wildlife areas.
  • Promote conservation of genetic resources of interest to the agricultural and forestry sectors.
  • Strengthen capacity to control the entry and impact of exotic species.
  • Financial consolidation of the protected wildlife areas.
  • Identify habitats of particular interest for conservation outside the protected wildlife areas and define technical criteria for the establishment of biological corridors to facilitate research and production activities.
  • Provide training in monitoring and active management of species of particular interest and in conservation biology, both for officials of SINAC and owners of private reserves and farmers.
  • Technical analysis of the management categories in existing protected wildlife areas and their adaptation to comply with conservation and sustainable use objectives.