National Strategy for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity


13. Strengthen NATIONAL CAPACITY FOR THE SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT of biodiversity both in the public and private sectors.



Priority activities

  • Strengthen the capacity of institutions and civil society to promote conservation and sustainable use.
  • Promote organic and conservationist agriculture.
  • Incorporate concepts of technical and financial sustainability into biodiversity management.
  • Promote exchange of experiences in sustainable biodiversity management at regional level in Central America.








  • Identify and address the training needs of institutions and organizations involved in biodiversity management.
  • Promote specific activities aimed at developing organizational and decision-making capacity for sustainable production.
  • Strengthen knowledge of the existing guidelines and regulations among those responsible for guaranteeing their application, and among users of biodiversity.
  • Consolidate the proposed institutional framework for the management of biodiversity.
  • Strengthen training activities and marketing of products of conservationist agriculture.
  • Strengthen actions to promote application sustainable practices in forestry activities.
  • Develop innovative financial mechanisms.
  • Strengthen capacity to incorporate biodiversity conservation into regional development.
  • Establish a training program directed at the different social actors involved in conservation and the sustainable use of biodiversity.
  • Strengthen technical capacity in the public and private sectors, in terms of training in environment-friendly technologies.
  • Strengthen funding programs for sustainable production activities based of biodiversity use.