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Biodiversity Interactive Digital Map Library

Traditionally, maps have their own section in a library. According to INBio´s mission of providing biodiversity information in order to support bioliteracy and the conservation of the country, this site allows visitors to obtain maps with information regarding species distribution throughout Costa Rica, according to the National Biodiversity Inventory.

Visitors will be able to interact with these maps, getting a closer view of a particular geographic area, and formulating queries whose answers are represented by points over different geographic layers, allowing for printing or saving the selected image. For each point where a species has been collected or observed, it will be possible to see the related information (what species it is, who collected it, when, etc.).

As well as contributing to the development of a greater conscience of the value of our country's biodiversity, we hope this tool will be useful for educators, decision makers, opinion makers, managers of natural resources, students, and investigators.

Our commitment is to keep expanding the quantity and quality of the information provided here. We appreciate all comments and any suggestions you might have: askinbio@inbio.ac.cr

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