How to Cite the Manual

Because we are constantly being asked how the Manual should be cited (or encountering strange attempts at citation), we've decided to clarify here the proper way to refer to this work-in-progress. Here is an example (according to Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden format):

Grayum, M. H. Agavaceae. In, B. E. Hammel, N. Zamora & M. H. Grayum (editors), Manual de Plantas de Costa Rica. Vol. 1: Monocotiledóneas. Missouri Bot. Gard. Press, St. Louis (manuscript).*

Of course, once the volume is published, the date can be inserted, together with pagination, and "(manuscript)" deleted.

The situation for dicots is slightly more complicated, inasmuch as they will be covered in three volumes. These may be cited (provisionally!) as follows:

Vol. 2: "Dicotiledóneas" (Acanthaceae--Euphorbiaceae).

Vol. 3: "Dicotiledóneas" (Fabaceae--Myrtaceae).

Vol. 4: "Dicotiledóneas" (Nyctaginaceae--Zygophyllaceae) y "Gimnospermas".

Because of practical considerations, the dicot volumes will probably not be published in numerical/alphabetical sequence; rather, we expect that Vol. 3 will be published first (we have most of these families ready now), followed by Vol. 4, then Vol. 2.

The most recent hard-copy version of our database-generated checklist may be cited as follows:

INBio (Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad). 1998. Manual de Plantas de Costa Rica. Inst. Nac. de Biodiversidad, Santo Domingo de Heredia, Costa Rica. 125 pp.

Citations of Manual contributions posted on the World Wide Web should obviously include the appropriate URL. All future such postings will be announced, and duly cited, in these pages.

*The Manual Project is a collaboration among the Missouri Botanical Garden (MO), the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica (CR), and the Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (INBio) and has been funded generously by the National Science Foundation (NSF). This citation reflects only the particulars of the physical publication, as per Volume 1. All parties involved, including the various funding agencies, as well as the three collaborating institutions, will be appropriately credited within.

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