Volume VII, Number 3, July 2000

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ON THE LAM. Here: Manual co-PI Barry Hammel arrived in St. Louis on 1 July for a six-week stay. And there: Manual Violaceae contributor Harvey Ballard (BHO) and student were in Costa Rica for ca. the last three weeks of June, collecting Violaceae material for mostly non-Manual research. Myrtaceae and Valerianaceae contributor Fred Barrie (MO, at F) is in Costa Rica now, for three weeks, to nail down loose ends for his treatment of the former family. Bill Hahn (Columbia University, Aquifoliaceae) and Charlotte Taylor (MO, Rubiaceae) participated in OTSís Plant Systematics course at the invitation of coordinators Brad Boyle and Robbin Moran (NY), and managed to squeeze in a bit of their own work on the side.

NEW ON LINE. Draft treatments of Araceae, Cannaceae, Commelinaceae, Costaceae, Dioscoreaceae, Lemnaceae, and Zingiberaceae (in addition to those families announced in our last issue) are now available at:

These placements are announced at quarterly (Edge) intervals, but if you refer to this page sporadically you may catch them sooner (look for Burmanniaceae any day now). And for those of us who have an easier time finding electronic as opposed to paper documents, we have (finally!) placed our guidelines for Manual contributors here:

This document, of course, is somewhat evolved from the original printed version sent out as contributors first signed on. Although we have kept everyone informed as to new developments by periodic e-mailings, a tendency to refer only to the original has been noted. By way of this page, we can now easily update and refer everyone to our most current designs.